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2 Ways to Kick the Ass of a Cold or Flu

Posted March 21, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

Leaving winter behind and welcoming Spring brings with it warmth, beautiful greenery, renewed energy – and nasty germs and viruses that, despite their microscopic size, have the ability to drop even the biggest and toughest of men in four hours or less.

If a persistent cold or flu is threatening to ruin the fun you’re planning for these first warm days of Spring, here are three tips to help you kick that bug’s ass sooner rather than later.




1. Blow Your Nose

When you’re stuffed up and congested, you’re either a guy who routinely blows his nose or a guy who walks around snorting and sniffing all day. Besides sounding nasty and making those around you cringe, sniffing and swallowing mucus instead of expelling it means that you’re keeping in exactly what your body wants out.

Blow your nose often – it will keep your sinuses clear, lessen congestion and help you to give those germs the boot.


2. Snack Time? Think Horseradish.

Yes, it tastes bad and burns like hell but eating horseradish has the ability to relieve a sore throat, move your mucus upward (blow your nose!) and reduce fever.

Not nearly as delicious as coconut oil candy but perhaps even more effective, simple horseradish has natural properties that can help to relieve scratchy throats and encourage the upward movement of congested mucus while also possessing the ability to rapidly reduce fever brought on by the flu.

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