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3 Stupidest Products For Men Ever Invented

Posted March 27, 2012 by kennyp in Advice

1. The Prostate Warmer

This nifty little tool was patented in 1918 and promised to restore a man’s sexuality vitality – after being inserted into the rectum, of course! Guaranteeing stimulation of “the abdominal brain,” the Prostate Warmer consisted of a 4.25 inch probe that would be plugged at one end into an electrical outlet with the other end penetrating the anus.


2. Spiked Penis Ring

Need to prevent wet dreams or the sexual activity of a horny teenager? Just have them attach this little beauty to their penis and the problem is solved!


3. Xervav Head Vacuum

Promising to to restore full hair growth to bald areas of a man’s head, this beast of a machine could be rented from a local shop and then attached to the top of the head; a slow, gentle vacuum would pull blood towards the scalp – whether or not it restored hair is debatable.

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