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Afghanistan Helicopter Crash Video Goes Viral

Posted March 22, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

Major news networks have gotten hold of a video, appearing to have been taken with the cell phone of a member of the United States Army, that depicts a incredible crash of an American AH-64 Apache helicopter in Afghanistan. The video has since made its way onto YouTube, garnering almost 100,000 views since it was uploaded yesterday.


The whole scene takes place in a currently unidentified snowy mountainous region of the Middle Eastern country. The helicopter first swoops in, obviously too low and not aligned properly, before attempting to circle back for a landing; that landing ends in a horrific crash that appears to involve several people on the ground as the craft slides through the snow, tips forward and disintegrates.


Despite the apparent deadliness of the crash, U.S. Army authorities are reporting that no one on the ground was injured and that all members of the aircrew are expected to survive. If you find that hard to believe, keep your eye on the news; more official details are expected over the coming days and the story’s results could change.

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