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AT&T CL4940 Landline Telephone, 1-Handset Review

Posted January 26, 2015 by kennyp in Sports

Overall Rating (out of 5):

In conclusion, this is a great buy for the money, easy to use, easy to setup, and attractive also. The large display is very nice, and if you let the machine answer your calls with the digital recorded message, you will be amazed how many robo-calls disconnect. It has some clever features, like the redial format selection, which allows one to select the format the phone uses to redial a number from the phone log. So, before you buy this phone, make sure you have the correct line coming into your system. Although we have only been using the phone for less than a week, we love all the features this phone has to offer.

Product Advantages:

  • This makes for a wonderful gift for the older ones in our family.
  • Display is perfect size for those of us that need reading glasses.
  • When the display has only one line of text, we can still decipher it.

Product Disadvantages:

  • When receiving a message from the answering machine the sound is very bad and sounds like everyone is talking in a well.

In summary, we recommend that you buy a product such as AT&T CL4940 Landline Telephone, 1-Handset. The advantages are greater than the disadvantages of this product. It is clear to us that the smart move is to get this product. To purchase this product, explore the exciting link below!

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