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6 Corona’s in 6 Minutes

Looks like a great Sunday afternoon as Fraz speed drinks 6 Corona’s in 6 minutes.


Chugging Vodka While Doing a Handstand

Looks like you have some competition Shoenice….well actually no not really.  This guy is slow as hell and fails halfway though.  Although I do have an easier time believing he was really chugging vodka by the aftermath.


Power Hour Shot Glass USB

Ali Spagnola created The Power Hour Album, 60 one-minute songs that double as a drinking game. To play the game, start the music and take a shot of beer every time the song changes. You can buy the album loaded on her new Shot ...


Machine Era Bottle Openers

Who goes to enjoy a few drinks, gets beer that is not twist off and expects that someone at the event has an opener? Not this guy… So get this Machine Era opener. Each has been machined within .005 of an inch tolerance f...



Everyone drinks beer in the shower, right? Of course. It’s the best way to save time by pre-gaming while you get read to go out. But the biggest problem with a shower beer is keeping soap and suds out of your suds. Thank ...


ShotShell XL

The shotshell is a true masterpiece for a sophistcated modern day manly man. Once you get your hands on a Shotshell XL, you’ll know what we’re talking about — it weighs nearly 1 pound — Pictures just ...


Get Drunk and Stay Fit: 4 Healthy(ish) Beers

Tired of feeling guilty about potentially negative health effects each time you indulge in a cold one? Here are four beers that stand above the rest as far as healthiness is concerned:   1. De Koninck   A pale ale bre...


Marshall Fridge

It’s got authentic Marshall facing, 4.4cu ft. of space (conversion: a lot of beer) and control knobs that actually go to 11. In other words, it’s the coolest fridge we’ve ever seen. The only thing it’s missing is a tapp...



Just tell the officer that you use Duffy’s Brew Original Beer Shampoo. The nourishing benefits from Elysian Brewing Company’s Dragonstooth Stout to strengthen and revitalize your hair and scalp. The bitter Cascade a...


How to Properly Pour a Guinness

With St. Patrick’s Day only just behind us, broken glass and stomped cans from eagerly consumed bottles and cans of Guinness can still be found on city streets across North America. While the international love of this distin...

Blow Job Shot

3 Girly Drinks Every Man Should Avoid

What is your drink of preference while sitting at your favorite watering hole with your buddies? Is it a shot of whisky or something fruity? Working with the knowledge that your preference in drinks is very likely to give your ...


Kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener

Turns out, that up until this point we’ve been going about our bottle opening all wrong.  We’ve long resorted to the tradtitional bottle opener, wine key or heck, even a bic lighter (this last one works great in a pinch, a...