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The Story of Taylor Morris

Taylor Morris lost his legs and arms in a IED explosion.  TheChive raised over 143k in 24 hours for this guy, great job. Check out the entire story here.  You can check out Taylor Morris’s personal website here.


If you like laughing at douchebags then you have to check out


Commission Blueprint Evolution

Would you spend $65 on something that could make you $1000′s?? If you have a lick of sense, you would say yes. The reason programs like this get a bad reputation is usually not from the product itself, but from the buyer ...


Never, Ever Give Up.

Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years, and was told by his doctors that he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again. He stumbled upon an article about Diamond Dallas Page doing Yoga and de...

That's What She Said

That’s What She Said

‘That’s What She Said’ Four simple words that can be used as a reply to a sexually suggestive comment. Known to make people laugh their asses off and probably one of the most versatile jokes on Earth. ThatR...


3 of the Manliest Meals Ever

There’s eating and then there’s eating like a man; those of us who have indulged in specialties such as the Luther Burger or a home-cooked cobra know the difference.   Interested in adding some testosterone to your die...


April Box of Awesome: Salt

Bespoke Post’s latest Box of Awesome features an 8″x8″x2″ ancient Himalayan salt block you can use to cold cure or cook meats, an artisan salt set, and a $25 gift card for meat from Rare Cuts.


7 Landmarks for Surviving a Zombie Attack

When the zombie apocalypse comes (and it is coming), you can rejoice in the fact that the shotgun, samurai sword and survival supplies you stashed under your bed will finally be of use. After the frantic fun of the initial onsl...


3 Ways Men Can Better Appeal to Women

Finding the woman of your dreams and settling down with her is a goal many of us have but few of us know how to achieve. While nabbing a lady isn’t difficult for most men, nabbing that one-in-a-million catch can seem like an ...


BlackBerry: Washed Up or Starting Fresh?

BlackBerry smartphones reigned for a long time among professional men as their communication tool of choice, offering features that simply couldn’t be found on competing products like top-notch security, instant push email an...


PlayStation Orbis, Xbox 720 to Limit Used Games

With recent information leaks enlightening gamers to the plans of both Sony and Microsoft on their next-generation home consoles, it seems that suddenly the PlayStation Orbis and Xbox 720 (both tentative names) are looking far ...


Batman Money Clip

Just in time for you to carry your $50 worth of movie going dollars into The Dark Knight Rises, the Batman Money Clip ($40) has arrived to go all vigilante on your cash. Made from die-cast metal, it sports a matte black rubb...


Table Top Concert Hall

Mobile devices are a music-lover’s dream, but for discerning ears, those tiny speakers just don’t cut it. This vintage industrial object is an acoustic amplifier for your device’s internal speaker. It increases volume by ...


Machine Era Bottle Openers

Who goes to enjoy a few drinks, gets beer that is not twist off and expects that someone at the event has an opener? Not this guy… So get this Machine Era opener. Each has been machined within .005 of an inch tolerance f...


Grill Grate

The Grill Grate does more than make grilling easier, it makes it better. I know you’re calling shenanigans on that, especially if you dropped big bucks on your grill, but its unique design makes is the secret. Unlike ot...



Everyone drinks beer in the shower, right? Of course. It’s the best way to save time by pre-gaming while you get read to go out. But the biggest problem with a shower beer is keeping soap and suds out of your suds. Thank ...


Film Director James Cameron Plumbs the Ocean Depths

Whoever said that there’s nothing new under the sun was only partially right; while the staggering 11 kilometer depth of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench is far from penetrating sunlight, it is a mostly unknown part of ou...


Dog Rescues

Man this job would be rewarding.  I’m sure you see a lot of sad stuff, but the ones you saved would be awesome.  Although I would probably end up with a houseful of dogs before long.  While I was watching this my dog w...


Tunto PowerKiss Lamp

If you’re looking to power your phone, provide some light, and preserve your modern decor at the same time, check out the Tunto PowerKiss Lamp (€1,050; roughly $1,400). Made from bent, ultrathin wood board, this uniqu...


The Beer Tool Bottle Opener

The Beer Tool is the manliest bottle opener you’ll ever own and it was created to be the last bottle opener that you will ever need. This is not some cheap plastic replica shaped to look like a wrench, each Beer Tool star...