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GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

Awesome commercial.  I need one…


BlackBerry 10 Camera Features

Onstage during the BlackBerry World 2012 keynote general session, Vivek Bhardwaj shared a look at a camera feature being developed for BlackBerry 10 that allows you to detect faces and turn back frames to capture that magic mom...


BlackBerry: Washed Up or Starting Fresh?

BlackBerry smartphones reigned for a long time among professional men as their communication tool of choice, offering features that simply couldn’t be found on competing products like top-notch security, instant push email an...


The Beer Tool Bottle Opener

The Beer Tool is the manliest bottle opener you’ll ever own and it was created to be the last bottle opener that you will ever need. This is not some cheap plastic replica shaped to look like a wrench, each Beer Tool star...

Toilet Aquarium

2 Kick-Ass Home Aquariums

Want a pet that adds a cool factor to your crib but doesn’t carry a risk of defacating on your carpet? Cats and dogs are cute but busy men often turn to fish for animal companionship simply because they are well-contained, qu...


The New iPad: Under the Microscope

The latest iteration of Apple’s iPad tablet computer has been released to its expected fanfare of long lineups and general fanboyism, but many average users have been left wondering what exactly the iPad (somehow not to be co...


iPhone 5 Rumors to Tide You Over

If you’re an Apple fanboy, the recent release of the new iPad may very well be leaving you with feelings of emptiness and forlornness; with no new toy to look forward to, what’s to keep you getting up every morning? Eight m...

cobra iradar

6 Car Gadgets That Make Perfect Gifts for Men

Ah, gift buying; some of us love it, others not so much, and all of us find it stressful. Whether the man you’re buying for is one who has everything or one who wants for nothing to begin with, your goal is to locate, purchas...

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