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Boxing Lessons with Eric Kelly

While funny, I think this guy might actually believe the crap he is saying.

Chugging Champagne

Guess no one told him you can’t chug champagne…

Man in Wheelchair Falls Down Escalator

This is why they made elevators.

The 18 Best Ideas People On The Internet Have Ever Had

Some of these are actually really good ideas.

Darth L. Jackson

Get these motherf*ckin Rebels off this motherf*ckin Death Star!  What a great remake.

Fat guy tries to dunk!

Poor guy, but what did he expect?  Great music.

Kid Hit By Bus

WTF?  Didn’t your parents teach you to look both ways? at The Park City Chill

Botar, the logo character from the funny offensive t-shirt company, scaring customers in a skeleton prank at The Park City Chill Motorcycle and Car Show that ran from February 24 – 26, 2012.

Homemade Black Powder Rifle Explosion

Saw this coming….why do these little kids even have access to black powder?  Ah well survival of the fittest I guess.

Suitcase Launch Fail

These kids clearly know it’s a bad idea to put their friend in a suitcase and pull it with a truck over a ramp. But, the crying at the end is when they finally realize it..

Girl Blown Away by a Plane

On the beach at Maho Sint Maarten, behind Princess Juliana International Airport, a girl is blowing through the power of an aircraft engine line and finished the first head on the edge of a wall.

Titanic SUPER 3D

Titanic is back, digitally upgraded with new 3D motion feel technology.

Creepy Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Kiddies?  This just looks like a bad idea all around…

Meanwhile in India

Hysterical kid getting chased by chickens.

Puke Prank

Kid acts like he is puking, lady trips and drags down her kid while trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  I feel sorry for the pavement.

That’s What She Said

‘That’s What She Said’ Four simple words that can be used as a reply to a sexually suggestive comment. Known to make people laugh their asses off and probably one of the most versatile jokes on Earth. ThatR...

Keith Apicary – Music Video Audition

Keith Apicary shows up to a Kimberly Cole music video audition.

How Charlie Bit Me Changed a Family’s Fortune

The rambunctious boys spinning wildly on the chair in the family living room look like any over-energized kids, until the one doing the spinning opens his month. “Charlie, get off me,” says 8-year-old Harry Davies-C...

Dev Auto Tuning

Blake needs to talk to Jack about the homepage… or at least he tries to.