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Pass Out Drive Through Prank

Reminds me of coning except way better.

Sick of Deadlifting

This even healthy?

Vertical Limit

Just saw this on YouTube, worst ever special effects and acting.

Batman Maybe

This is awesome.

Fail Wedding

Damn they turned off the camera too quick.

How Not to Exit an Airboat

Would have been better if the blade would have got her.

The 13 best porn names you’ll see at the Olympics

Victoria Poon (Swimming) Fortunately, “Victorious Poon” works for defeating swimmers and weiners. It’s clear that these Olympians were always destined for greatness, whether in the arena of sports or the far m...

Lady on Rascal Tries the Escalator

Blows my mind wtf did she think would happen?

Lonely LOVES Her Bacon Sundae

Bacon sundae, never thought of that one, bet it is good.  Not sure this lady needs one though.

Bike Thief vs Street Justice

Bike thief tried stealing a bikes,which is a bike messengers way of life,his bike and this is the result.don’t steal bikes!

American Idol Auditions

Found this site today, you can watch and post up your favorite American Idol Auditions.  Check it out:

Boxing Lessons with Eric Kelly

While funny, I think this guy might actually believe the crap he is saying.

Chugging Champagne

Guess no one told him you can’t chug champagne…

Man in Wheelchair Falls Down Escalator

This is why they made elevators.

The 18 Best Ideas People On The Internet Have Ever Had

Some of these are actually really good ideas.

Darth L. Jackson

Get these motherf*ckin Rebels off this motherf*ckin Death Star!  What a great remake.

Fat guy tries to dunk!

Poor guy, but what did he expect?  Great music.