Killing Productivity Seven Days A Week



Fireworks Gone Wrong

What did he blow his hand off or something?

Condom Test

These guys are annoying, but looks like a quality built condom.

Frat Boy Eats Cactus

This frat star is vacationing in Cabo, get’s a little tipsy, and realizes he hasn’t had his proper amount of protein for the day. He resorts to a cactus near by and decides to take a couple bites.  Looks like he is...

Angry Woman vs Biker

Road rage in Brazil leads a angry woman to run over a biker.

Highschool BADASS

Coolest kid in school right here.

Slick Road

Guy trying to pass a semi slides off the road.

The Hungover Games

Each year, drunk people are selected to participate in torturous games the morning after a big night out. There’s no sunglasses, no water, and no headache medicine.

Icy Street

An icy bridge causes multiple accidents.  I like how the SUV that hit the sign just keeps on going.  Screw paying the city 500 bucks for a new sign.

Snow Removal

Snow removal causes a whiteout.

First Date Honesty

A couple at the end of their first date gets down to business.

Lie Detector Test

Dane only has one chance to make a stellar first impression. Good thing there’s a lie detector present at his job interview! *BEEP* He’s screwed. And he’s going to find out just how much the truth really hurts.

Grown-Up Baby Wears Diapers, Sleeps in Crib, Fed By ‘Mommy’

Stanley Thornton is 31, but his greatest pleasure comes from wearing a diaper, drinking his bottle and sucking on his pacifier. He knows he is overaged and oversized for such games, but since his early teens, Thornton has found...

Lan Party

Remember, they’re not nerds, they’re geeks. They do this stuff for three days straight! (1:15)

Cribs Arab American Style

CRIBS visits the house of an Arab American named Mohamad, who lives with his mother in Dearborn, Michigan. This episode was never aired.

Your Six Drunk Personalities

This is so true, you know you have been there before.

Facebook Parenting

So I didn’t know if this was for real, but found the link below, wow busted!

Scatman Dance

Dance contestant leaves it all on stage.

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

Mitt Romney raps to the tune of Eminem.  The Marshall Mathers LP

Cutting Down a Tree

You know whats going to happen and it does. Find out what he did wrong