Killing Productivity Seven Days A Week



Guy Should be Dead

This guy attempted a 100′ cliff dive at The Devils Punchbowl.  He’s lucky to be alive.


Crazy Basketball Win

  Wow this would be terrible. That’s what they get for celebrating the win too soon.

Jordy got 99 Problems

Jordy Got 99 Problems But a Breach Ain’t one.

I Got 99 Problems

Found this site today, pretty funny.  It’s Called I Got 99 Problems.   Click the image to check it out.

Skater Hit by Truck

Dancing on Crutches

This guy is talented.

Guy KO's Himself

Insane Jeopardy

Coon Hat Kid

This guy was cracking me up.

Brice Fox & Daniel Weber – This is Indiana

Impressive work by these guys.

acting fail

cool halloween costume idea

rapist suit.