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How to Properly Pour a Guinness

Posted March 20, 2012 by kennyp in Alcohol

With St. Patrick’s Day only just behind us, broken glass and stomped cans from eagerly consumed bottles and cans of Guinness can still be found on city streets across North America. While the international love of this distinctive dark brew cannot be argued, true lovers of Guinness often question the ability of a novice to properly pour the drink.

Now, if beer pouring methods seem like something not worth learning to you, consider this: the way you pour your Guinness determines how much of its carbonation is retained and, therefore, how much of its original stout taste is left intact. Even more serious is the issue presented when pouring from a can; the well-known “glug glug” effect of can-pouring can and probably often does have an awful effect on the integrity of your beer.

This helpful video from will ensure that you are ready, willing and able the next time you need to transfer that dark, beautiful liquid from its original can to an icy cold glass. No spill, no mess and, most importantly, no wasted Guinness taste.

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