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iPad Mini Review – Is It Worth the Cost

Posted January 4, 2013 by kennyp in Tech
Ipad Mini Screen

With its recent launch seemingly concurrent with the Holiday season, the iPad mini features are now being carefully scrutinized by holiday shoppers. Question is: Will these features be enough reason to pack Christmas stockings with them? Is the iPad mini just as equally powerful as its full sized predecessors, the iPad 2 and iPad with Retina display? Let’s delve right in to this iPad mini review.

Size Matters

Apple is known to always push the envelope when defining what is amazing. The iPad mini is no different such that its 7.9 inch frame encloses a dual-core A5 chip (similar to iPad 2) and an iSight camera (similar to iPad with Retina display), which means that apart from the traditional FaceTime camera, you also get another camera on the rear part of the device.

With ample functional navigational real estate of 1024 x 768 pixels, it is also supports 1080p HD video recording. While many of these details might seem completely irrelevant (Who needs HD on a tablet anyway?), it’s important to point them out for you to assess the multiple facets of the iPad mini features in relation to its size.

Intuitive Software

More than the physical aspects of the miniaturized iPad, in this iPad mini review, the built-in iOS 6 (same one that is on the iPhone 5) is also taken into account. The software is a work of art, among the iPad mini features, despite the small conundrum with the iOS 6 Maps, holds great potential. It has seamlessly integrated social media functionality for Twitter and Facebook, enabling users to post directly via a notifications bar.

 Competitive Cost

Does the iPad mini price maximize the value your bucks? If anything, this smaller iPad is a relatively new contender in an already congested market of paperback sized tablets competing for the attention of fastidious book lovers. However, the device is a rather timely answer to die-hard Apple fans who have been asking, “Will they ever create a reader sized iPad?”

Cost-conscious shoppers are bound to take a second look at its price tag, but the iPad mini features are right up there on the ladder of quality. Apple never skimps capital on their products which is why apart from the actual functionality of the device, you are paying for luxury. You have to admit, many of the tablet’s competitors look like its poorly made clone. With its sleek, smooth exteriors and dependable software, the iPad mini price is an amount well spent.

Ipad Mini

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