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obamaphone lady

Obamaphone Lady

Wow…just wow….

rapper impressions

Aries Spears Rapper Impressions

This guy is sick.  Is that Leonardo DiCaprio at the beginning of the video?

pass out drive thru prank

Pass Out Drive Through Prank

Reminds me of coning except way better.

girls in pools

Girls in Pools (And Beaches)

Over the years, movies have done a good job capturing the magic of the swimming pool. Check out our supercut of hot chicks emerging from pools.

sick of deadlifting

Sick of Deadlifting

This even healthy?


North Shore – Waimea Bay Bouldering

Not sure what’s better the video or the comments on the video. North Shore – Waimea Bay Bouldering – “The Chicken Wing” – February 19th 2011


Vertical Limit

Just saw this on YouTube, worst ever special effects and acting.


Panoramic View of Mars

This is pretty sick it’s a panoramic view of Mars.


Batman Maybe

This is awesome.


Fail Wedding

Damn they turned off the camera too quick.


How Not to Exit an Airboat

Would have been better if the blade would have got her.


U.S. Olympic Team Tribute To Muhammad Ali

Cool video, the DJ that mixed the music is pretty damn good.  Here’s his YouTube Channel if you would like to check out more.


The 13 best porn names you’ll see at the Olympics

Victoria Poon (Swimming) Fortunately, “Victorious Poon” works for defeating swimmers and weiners. It’s clear that these Olympians were always destined for greatness, whether in the arena of sports or the far m...

Kate Upton 8

Kate Upton Looking Sexy

She also has a video doing the Kate Upton Cat Daddy Dance.


Lady on Rascal Tries the Escalator

Blows my mind wtf did she think would happen?


Lonely LOVES Her Bacon Sundae

Bacon sundae, never thought of that one, bet it is good.  Not sure this lady needs one though.


Pilot’s View of the Craziest Flyby Ever!

Argentinean-piloted FMA IA 63 jet trainer flyby at one meter from the ground. Some info on the jet: The FMA IA 63 Pampa is an advanced trainer aircraft with combat capability, produced in Argentina by Fabrica Militar de Aviones...