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I want to be Ed hochuli

I want to be Ed Hochuli

What a bad ass.

mitt romney style

Romney Style

adult ravers

Adult Ravers

katee life

Bike Ride and Shower Off

What a bad ass bike.

obama works it

Obama Works… It

hula hoop cam

Hula Hoop Camera

What a great idea, they should market this.

dumb photographer

Dumb Photographer

The video was ok, but the commentary was cracking me up.  She must have been drunk.

hot raver girls 012

Sexy Raver Chicks

Anyone ever been to one of these?  Bet it would be some crazy fun.

hockey player jumps through glass

Hockey Player Through the Glass

Wait for it…


Close Call with Trains During Photo

Damn she almost lost her head there.

homemade flying hovercraft

The homemade flying hovercraft

This thing is sick, takes off at 44mph.

obamaphone lady

Obamaphone Lady

Wow…just wow….

rapper impressions

Aries Spears Rapper Impressions

This guy is sick.  Is that Leonardo DiCaprio at the beginning of the video?

pass out drive thru prank

Pass Out Drive Through Prank

Reminds me of coning except way better.