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How Real Men Remove Fish Hooks

This is how real men remove fish hooks.  3 dudes and a bottle of Makers Mark.

Supermodel Kate Upton Dances the Cat Daddy

Kate Upton does the Cat Daddy in a bikini for Terry Richardson.

She’s Out of Her Mind

Crazy girlfriend decorates boyfriend’s truck to let him know she’s out of her mind. It was nice of her to write this message on his truck so he can immediately hop behind the wheel and floor it across state lines, n...

Track N Go

Now this is awesome.  Tracks you can put on your truck without taking off the tires.  Would be fun to take this out for a test drive. They said the product will be released soon, but I can’t find a website on them.

6 Corona’s in 6 Minutes

Looks like a great Sunday afternoon as Fraz speed drinks 6 Corona’s in 6 minutes.

Four Eyes Furniture – Bad Larry

Hand built in California –  Bad Larry

Starter Flywheel Shelf Brackets

I just received these and installed them in my garage. A pair of hand-fabricated, recycled, engine starter flywheel shelf brackets. They’re very strong and perfect for anyone looking for that mechanical, industrial feel... at The Park City Chill

Botar, the logo character from the funny offensive t-shirt company, scaring customers in a skeleton prank at The Park City Chill Motorcycle and Car Show that ran from February 24 – 26, 2012.

Speed-Peel A Potato

Speed-Peel A Potato. Save 1 Month of your life. Paradise Bakery Nutrition

Homemade Black Powder Rifle Explosion

Saw this coming….why do these little kids even have access to black powder?  Ah well survival of the fittest I guess.

Suitcase Launch Fail

These kids clearly know it’s a bad idea to put their friend in a suitcase and pull it with a truck over a ramp. But, the crying at the end is when they finally realize it..

“Don’t Stop Believing” Sung By the Movies

Song “Don’t Stop Believing” originally performed by the band Journey.

Kenny Powers Jet-Ski

Kenny Powers loses it on his nephew riding his jet ski.

Girl Blown Away by a Plane

On the beach at Maho Sint Maarten, behind Princess Juliana International Airport, a girl is blowing through the power of an aircraft engine line and finished the first head on the edge of a wall.

Titanic SUPER 3D

Titanic is back, digitally upgraded with new 3D motion feel technology.

Bone Pugz

Bone Thugs & Harmony – 1st of Tha Month done via Pugz.

Tanner Goods Sun-Glass case

Tanner Goods sunglass case. Protect your sunglasses in this Sun-Glass Case, it is a slightly larger version of the Eyeglass silhouette, allowing for a wide range of shapes and contours to fit comfortably. It is constructed fr...

Creepy Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Kiddies?  This just looks like a bad idea all around…

Meanwhile in India

Hysterical kid getting chased by chickens.

Puke Prank

Kid acts like he is puking, lady trips and drags down her kid while trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  I feel sorry for the pavement.