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Review of Brother Personal Labeler Machine, White (PT90)

Posted October 15, 2014 by kennyp in Sports

Overall Rating (out of 5):

The machine works great, looks great, easy to store, bought it a week ago no problem so far except for the low battery light like everyone says but other than that great product for price, and also could have been more easier to peel off the tape. However, if only using to print a few labels every so often, then the batteries will hold a charge for a long period of time. It is small, compact, easy to use and creates very nice labels that can be used for almost anything. Yes, i do not know all the little things this machine can do yet, but for the simple straight forward label it is perfect for my needs. Great price, packaged nicely, and seems like a quality product.

Product Pros:

  • The Brother Personal Labeler has been a great help to me in labeling my folders and files.
  • This product works well enough that my wife has gone label-happy and is going around putting labels on just about everything in sight.
  • My girlfriend uses it for all kinds of things as well.

Product Cons:

  • Plus the tape is expensive and you waste tape on each end.

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