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Review of Energizer L92BP-Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Battery (4-Pack)

Posted January 6, 2015 by kennyp in Sports

Overall Rating (out of 5):

Nothing less will ever again tough our electronics, digital cameras, remote controls, wireless mice, and even flashlights. For example, with digital cameras, these are made to meet that peak load the batteries will see and you will get performance that is many times that of alkaline. However, if you do the math, as another astute reviewer has, you will find that lithium cells are actually a more cost-effective choice when compared to an equivalent-sized alkaline battery. Also, you have to hold to realize how light are these batteries compared to other conventional batteries. But, they are ideal for cameras that require a lot of power, especially for flash photos.

Product Pros:

  • If you have a digital camera, this is the battery to get.
  • The original two batteries are still in the camera after about two months and they are still good after about 100 pictures taken.
  • These units are significantly lighter and more powerful than their alkaline counterparts.

Product Cons:

  • They are also very expensive and contribute to hazardous waste unlike standard disposable alkaline batteries.

Based on what we have written above, we recommend that you buy this product. The pros far outweigh the cons of this product. Our position is that you really need to get Energizer L92BP-Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Battery (4-Pack). To acquire Energizer L92BP-Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Battery (4-Pack), follow the exciting offer below!

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