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Posted March 26, 2012 by GMFB in Alcohol

Everyone drinks beer in the shower, right? Of course. It’s the best way to save time by pre-gaming while you get read to go out. But the biggest problem with a shower beer is keeping soap and suds out of your suds.

Thank god for the guys at Their revolutionary shower beer caddy not only keeps your can of brew out of harm’s way and within easy reach, but the space-age insulation material keeps it chill in the hot humid conditions of your shower.

And installation is an easy, no-tools-required job. Just stick the Launch Pad to the tile, slide a can of your favorite beer into the Shakoolie and let the magic of velcro do its thing. You can rip, sip and re-stick all shower long

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    Gabe – thanks for the Shakoolie (formerly Shakoozie) love!

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