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TekNmotion 120 Capacity CD/DVD Carry Case (Black) Real Review

Posted December 1, 2014 by kennyp in Sports

Overall Rating (out of 5):

It’s easy to cary, lightweight, and a good size, and holds the right amount of dc’s/dvd’s. She takes her movies back and forth from home, to the dorm, to her friends houses, and this makes it ever so much easier for her to do. Although the quality is not that great, it is still a great buy for the price. Very nice cd case, always got scratches on cd’s had to do something. However on the other side, when you go to unzip, the zipper tape does not end at the other spine it keeps going about 3 inches beyond and you have to unzip to that point.

Product Advantages:

  • This saves space and lets me bring all my favorite movies.
  • The outside is extremely well-made, however, the only negative aspect about this item is the quality of the disk sleeves.
  • Zipper is still in perfect quality since i bought it over a year ago.

Product Disadvantages:

  • The disk sleeves inside the case, actually have an abrasive texture/design.

Based on all the information we have seen, we advise that you acquire this product. The advantages are more significant than the disadvantages of this product. We believe that you will not regret purchasing TekNmotion 120 Capacity CD/DVD Carry Case (Black). To find this product, follow the great offer below!

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