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The-Quota Site Design Challenge!

Posted April 14, 2011 by kennyp in Sports

While I know many of you have come to know and love our main site (, we have had many suggestions to update its appearance. We want to accomplish this without creating a site so unrecognizable and hard to navigate, that you give up on it. We want to hear what it is you feel this site could do better, or is just lacking in general. That’s why we’ve decided to start this little challenge!

The Challenge

Our current CMS is WordPress, so we will need a WordPress theme.
The theme will need to be built from scratch. We don’t want you to just download a theme and submit it. (we can do that!)
With regular changes and updates to the site, the theme may also need slight modifications. This could be your chance to get in on the ground level with us. You are under no obligation though.

We are open to suggestions.

Have a great Logo design? Let us know!

Have a great suggestion? Let us know!

What do you win?
The winner will receive $500!

How will we decide the winner?
The community will vote on the submissions from the members of this forum. Anyone may submit an entry, as long as they are a member.
We have not determined how long the contest will run for, but we will keep everyone posted.

What to submit?
All entries must be in the .zip format, and must contain either a .PSD, .PNG, or .JPG of the layout, and must also include the index.php and style.css from the main directory of the theme.
Submissions can be emailed to:

Please post any questions or suggestion you may have.

Good Luck!! ———————————> ($500)

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