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There Is No We In SEC

Posted January 5, 2013 by kennyp in Sports

I just don’t get it, but the sentiment seems to be growing every year. Every year the “SEC wins the BCS National Championship”. Fans from all the SEC schools, including newbies Texas A&M and Missouri, claim that the SEC is the best conference in the land. “Nobody outside the SEC could compete in our conference, ya’ll” they yell. Twitter, message boards, extended-stay motels in Arkansas. Well I’m here to tell you something:

The “SEC” hasn’t won a thing.

Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Florida have won recent crystal footballs. South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt have won SQUAT. (And yes, I forgot and had to look up that last SEC school Vanderbilt, because they are so far off the radar that I don’t think I’ve heard them mentioned since I got my drivers license 20 years ago). Yet, fans from these schools clamor around, talking mass trash to everyone who will listen, that they are the big, bad SEC, and they are untouchable. Unbeatable. Well let me ask you fans a question: Why are you talking so much smack about a CONFERENCE? Nothing to say about your own team?

Let’s put everything into perspective for a second, and look at a fact of this week’s SEC Championship game: Georgia is in the SEC Championship after beating non-BCS MAC school Buffalo, Missouri (5-7), non-BCS Sun Belt school Florida Atlantic, Vanderbilt (8-4), Tennessee (5-7), Kentucky (2-10), Florida (who had 6 turnovers and still almost beat you), Ole Miss (6-6), Auburn (3-9), non-BCS Southern Conference school Georgia Southern, and Georgia Tech (6-6). You got SLAUGHTERED by 4 touchdowns to South Carolina. Wow, what a gauntlet. How would lowly ND survive that week in and week out? You played 4 BCS bowl-eligible teams. You have ONE WIN over a BCS school with more than 6 wins. Think about that for a second. And you have the audacity to attack Notre Dame’s schedule?? ND goes 11-1 against that schedule this year. Yet every Arkansas fan in the country is hitching their ride to your wagon. “If we can’t win it, and we never have, our CONFERENCE will! YAY!!!”

And what if ND wins the BCS title this year? What then? They come in #1 in the BCS and #1 in graduation rates in the same year? Unprecedented. SEC fans might spontaneously combust.

Another topic for another time (January 8th we’ll pick that one up). Now where’s my “INDEPENDENT” golf shirt?


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