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What the Food You Eat Says About You

Posted March 20, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

As if worries about your clothes, your crib and your car weren’t all-consuming enough, recent studies suggest that we should also be hyper-aware of the social connotations of our food choices.

So what’s your dish of choice? What do you like on your favorite pizza pie? Given the choice, what kind of sandwich ranks as your number one pick? The answers to these questions reveal more than just your taste in grub – they also serve as a window to your very soul!



A poll of 3,000 Americans conducted by the aptly-named Smell and Taste Treatment Foundation attempted to connect people’s choices in sandwiches to their personality, finding that your choice of food items between bread slices often speaks directly to the person you are. For example, those who preferred club sandwiches tended to be honest and reliable, representing family-oriented personalities while tuna salad sandwich lovers ranked as more agressive, achievement-oriented individuals who were likely to be successful in matters of money and business.


Pizza Toppings 

A less surprising but no less true result of another study found that people who typically order veggie toppings on their pizza were peace-loving, passive and easy-going while those who went for meat toppings often presented as agressive go-getters with money on the mind.


Craving a tuna-topped pizza? We are, too.

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