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2 Kick-Ass Home Aquariums

Posted March 20, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

Want a pet that adds a cool factor to your crib but doesn’t carry a risk of defacating on your carpet? Cats and dogs are cute but busy men often turn to fish for animal companionship simply because they are well-contained, quiet and generally safe.


Assuming the only thing better than a standard aquarium is an aquarium with unique design and function, here are two very kick-ass home aquariums to inspire your next trip to the pet (or hardware) store.


1. The Aquarium Toilet

Leave the reading material behind the next time you take an extended trip to the bathroom and focus instead on the animals living in your toilet! The patented Fish ‘n’ Flush toilet aquarium is a fully functioning toilet combined with a 2.2 gallon tank intended to safely house small fish. Flushing the toilet gives the visual impression of the fish ending up with your waste but worry not, it’s just an optical illusion.


2. The Fish Highway

If a more customized aquarium is what you’re after, have a look at the aptly-named “Fish Highway,” a system of connected tanks and tubes that allow fish to travel the length and breadth of one man’s sitting room. Constructed of materials that can be easily found with a trip to a pet and hardware store, this custom rig turns an otherwise boring room into a watery paradise and you can bet those free-roaming fish are happy, too!

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