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3 of the Manliest Meals Ever

Posted April 3, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

There’s eating and then there’s eating like a man; those of us who have indulged in specialties such as the Luther Burger or a home-cooked cobra know the difference.


Interested in adding some testosterone to your diet? Check out these three examples of the manliest meals ever!


1. The Luther Burger

Often referred to as a cardiologist’s worst nightmare, the infamous Luther Burger features fried doughnuts in place of a bun and typically offers a large beef patty smothered in cheese and topped with strips of bacon.


2. Braised Dog

Served in China, braised dog meat is considered something of a delicacy. While pet lovers will grimace at the thought and animal rights activists will cringe at the typical slaughter method of beating with sticks, you can be sure that this is a meal that only a real man could stomach. You can also bet that he isn’t likely to return for seconds.


3. The Cobra Meal

Common most specifically to the people of Hanoi, Vietnam, the cobra meal consists of fried cobra meat served with a glass of brandy that has been anointed with the bile and heart of the dead snake; local legend has it that the meal increases male virility.

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