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3 Tips that will help you Seal the Deal

Posted March 17, 2012 by Tony in Advice

In their pursuit to seal the deal, I see many guys making the same critical mistakes while you’re out in your groups. One of those mistakes is letting her get bored. She’s out for a reason. Here are a few pointers that will keep you headed in the right direction.

#1 : Keep phone use to a minimum

Nothing says “I’m bored as shit” like an arched neck and fingers glued to your phone. There’s a saying that when you’re in the company of others, pretend that everyone is wearing a sign that reads “Make me feel important”. I like to take it a step further and say “Make me also feel Fun, Interesting, and Desirable”. Get her to feel good about her self and she may reward you for it. Keep the compliments to a minimum. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

#2 : Let her do the talking

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this is one of the Golden Rule’s of how to pick up chicks, but it’s certainly been around (hopefully fewer times than she has). The reason it’s such a staple in the dating world is because…. drumroll… It works. Girls love to ramble on and on talk, about themselves, at great length, and then repeat themselves. Most of the time they are trying to identify themselves and need  you to back them up. Pay attention, and keep your eyes above the neck (unless she looks away, then quickly get a glimpse and get back to above the neck before she returns her gaze) and only commit to giving her some positive reinforcement when you know 100% that you can’t go wrong. For tips on perfecting your technique, watch a few old guys who are married to talk-boxes. Keep your answers simple like “Yeah”, “Uh-huh”, and “Exactly”.

#3 : Be Spontaneous

Girls. Love. Memories. Creating an unforgettable memory is easier than you might think. Girls remember little things like what made you laugh at the movie and how you looked at their butt when they walked away when she wore that one outfit with that one shirt and those one shoes. It doesn’t take much, but that’s the stuff that they remember.

Here’s a freebie. Next time instead of trying to impress her with your chugging skills or by confessing how obsessed you were with her a few years back, try asking her what she’s doing tomorrow and no matter what her answer is, ask her or tell her that you were going to ask her to come over and watch all of the episodes of Glee. Then just stare at her…. Hey, it’s bait on a hook. If she doesn’t bite, fire up the trolling motor and cast your line again.

P.S. – Have no intention of watching Glee.


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