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3 Ways Men Can Better Appeal to Women

Posted April 2, 2012 by kennyp in Advice

Finding the woman of your dreams and settling down with her is a goal many of us have but few of us know how to achieve. While nabbing a lady isn’t difficult for most men, nabbing that one-in-a-million catch can seem like an impossible task for the best of us.


Here are three quick character traits that will help you to appeal to the right women!


1. Be a Man’s Man

Making your own decisions, dealing with confrontation in a manly way and having convictions are things sure to appeal to a woman who is looking for a long-term relationship. Note that “manly” here doesn’t necessarily mean gruff or cold; it means using your intelligence to recognize situations where a rock solid demeanor and point of view are helpful.


2. Be Confident

A general air of confidence in all things that you do will go a long way towards winning a woman over. Again, this doesn’t mean being controlling or domineering but rather means that you should have firm, well-constructed ideas and standards in mind in all things that you do and decisions that you make.


3. Be Understanding

An obvious fact: men and women are different animals in many ways and a woman’s needs won’t always make the most sense to her man; in cases such as these, a weak man panics and a strong man works to better understand what is required of him. Start by working to be a good, empathetic listener and keep an open mind and heart when it comes time to put yourself on the line for a lady you’re trying to woo.

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