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6 Car Gadgets That Make Perfect Gifts for Men

Posted March 16, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

Ah, gift buying; some of us love it, others not so much, and all of us find it stressful. Whether the man you’re buying for is one who has everything or one who wants for nothing to begin with, your goal is to locate, purchase and place into his hands something that will genuinely please him – but where to begin?

Finding that perfect gift for the special man in your life can be a difficult job and narrowing down his interests is the only way to start. Working with the knowledge that most every man loves his car and the toys inside of it, here are six car gadgets that make perfect gifts for men:


Autonet 3G In-car Wireless Router

Whether he’s an office road warrior or just a music lover, every man will find good use for an in-car wireless router! With the ability to connect to EV-DO towers around the United States, the router provides a full-fledged WiFi connection while on the go, allowing web surfing and media streaming from anywhere with an appropriate cellular signal!


Lemur Autovision

If he’s a performance and statistics enthusiast then the facts and numbers outputted by the Lemur Autovision tool may be gift enough! This diagnostic kit hooks into the car and uses a data broadcaster to transmit detailed information about driving performance, including braking frequency, average and top speed and, distance driven and time on the road, all in the name of improving the driver’s skills.


Jabra Speakerphone

With new laws in many parts of the world banning mobile phone use while driving and Bluetooth headsets and ear pieces often serving as more of an irritant than an aid, the Jabra Speakerphone will be a welcome sight for any man! Simply clip the speaker/microphone combination to the overhead sun visor and enjoy crystal clear sound quality with every conversation.


TFT Mirror Monitor with Rear-View Night Vision Camera

To achieve both safer conditions and a Batmobile-like aura, give the gift of a very cool anti-glare rear-view mirror that doubles as a 7” monitor for a rear-mounted camera with night-vision. This handy tool will aid in backing up in awkward situations, vastly improve rearward vision at night and look very cool with the camera mounted over the rear license plate. The monitor is even able to double for use with a DVD player or video game console!


Mavia Autobot

Forget the Batmobile; with the Mavia Autobot, you can help the man in your life achieve full Knightrider status! Featuring a long list of uncanny abilities, the Mavia Autobot sports GPS to lead the driver to the car when overwhelmed by an unfamiliar parking lot, the ability to send alerts by email and text message if an accident occurs, a remote unlock key-chain controller and much more.


Cobra iRadar

Turn any iPhone or Android-powered mobile phone into a police radar detector, avoiding speed traps and red light cameras while on the road! The Cobra iRadar gadget connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, providing visual and audible alerts when police speed check radar is detected within range.

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