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8-bit Soup: Retro Gaming Made Hilarious

Posted March 20, 2012 by kennyp in Gaming

While some of the younger gentlemen among us count video games like Final Fantasy VII and Tekken among their favorite retro titles, the more aged of our readers will need to look back a little further to focus their minds on the games that got them into the hobby way back when.

If the 8-bit era was also the era of a younger you then you’ll enjoy these hilarious takes on some of the old Nintendo classics from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s by a group of internet video-makers dubbed 8-bit Soup:


Excitebike: Voiceovers

What was going through the mind of the man on the red bike as he popped wheelies and aggressively knocked his competitors from their bikes in the classic NES title Excitebike? Now we know.

Super Mario Bros.: Cockblocked

Mario makes it to the end of a dungeon only to find a small mushroom-headed man in place of what he expected to be a sexually alluring princess. Extreme disappoint ensues.

Dragon Warrior: All Sold Out

An ever-jogging shopkeeper from the original Dragon Warrior explains his circumstances to the game’s hero, including how exactly he manages his toilet habits in such confined quarters.

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