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Adidas Originals Forum Low Crazy Light Shoes

Posted March 20, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

With the burgeoning of major players like Converse, adidas and Nike, sneaker heads were a happy bunch back in the ‘80s given the wide variety of very cool foot adornments available to them. Now, with the vintage look proving to be all the rage in 2012, all three of those companies, along with many of their counterparts, are looking to rehash some of your old favorites in the name of throwback style (and profits, we assume).

Picking a winner amongst the bunch is impossible given the wildly varying tastes to be found among discerning men but one clear standout is adidas’ new Crazy Light low-top version of their original flagship sneaker. Dubbed “hoops classics” back in the day, the adidas Originals have lost none of their stylistic coolness with a fiery red color scheme, synthetic leather upper and crisp branding along the sides. Well-toned laces offset the blazing main color, giving the Originals a crisp, fresh look alongside their classic feel.

Besides, at only $120 a pair, they represent a much smaller knock on your wallet than many of the newly-designed sneakers available in stores today.

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