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7 Landmarks for Surviving a Zombie Attack

When the zombie apocalypse comes (and it is coming), you can rejoice in the fact that the shotgun, samurai sword and survival supplies you stashed under your bed will finally be of use. After the frantic fun of the initial onsl...

Marcus Camby Full Court Shot

Houston was about to lose the game until Marcus Camby’s full court shot.

3 Ways Men Can Better Appeal to Women

Finding the woman of your dreams and settling down with her is a goal many of us have but few of us know how to achieve. While nabbing a lady isn’t difficult for most men, nabbing that one-in-a-million catch can seem like an ...

BlackBerry: Washed Up or Starting Fresh?

BlackBerry smartphones reigned for a long time among professional men as their communication tool of choice, offering features that simply couldn’t be found on competing products like top-notch security, instant push email an...

PlayStation Orbis, Xbox 720 to Limit Used Games

With recent information leaks enlightening gamers to the plans of both Sony and Microsoft on their next-generation home consoles, it seems that suddenly the PlayStation Orbis and Xbox 720 (both tentative names) are looking far ...

Famous movie scenes.. With Cats added

Famous movies scenes in a mashup with cats added

Lambo/Airplane Stunt

Not sure how fast they were going, but still a cool stunt.

Jumps Back Just in Time

Man gets hit while trying to cross the street. Jumps Back Just in Time.  He escaped with minor injuries

Real Offroading

Trying to cross the river and it’s almost too deep.  I didn’t think he had a chance.

Dev Auto Tuning

Blake needs to talk to Jack about the homepage… or at least he tries to.

Barack Obama Singing Sexy and I Know It

Anyone know where that clip came from where Barack is dancing with chick @ 1:05 ?

Wrestling Leg Break

Ouch, you know that had to hurt.

Fireworks Gone Wrong

What did he blow his hand off or something?

Condom Test

These guys are annoying, but looks like a quality built condom.

Double Hurdle Fail

Since when do they put water after the hurdles?

Chugging Vodka While Doing a Handstand

Looks like you have some competition Shoenice….well actually no not really.  This guy is slow as hell and fails halfway though.  Although I do have an easier time believing he was really chugging vodka by the aftermath.

Alicia Silverstone – Bird Mom

Pretty sick stuff right here.  Poor kid is going to have one hell of a “mommy” complex. Silverstone’s Statement:

Home Run. Denied.

Jason Heyward robs Raul Ibanez of a home run.  I don’t watch baseball, but saw this highlight.