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a normal day

I’m glad they have so much free time.

dumb skank

what did she really think was going to happen?

burnout fail

video bomb

poo cocktail supreme – Jackass 3D

I didn’t know Britney Spears almost make the cut for Jackass 3D

Crazy Fast Rapper

I like how he takes the toothpick out to get serious.

bam bam bam

He’s back with another one.  I like the older one better, you can check it out here.

Puke in Mid-flight

Ok, this would have made me lose it too.  She needed a bigger barf bag, look how quick she filled up that one.  I’ve actually never seen one of these used before.

truck explodes

This ended badly for that guy.  Of course it’s going to explode WTF did you expect.

5 Finger Game

I whip my hair back and fourth

heh, so many things wrong with this picture

wakeup call

what a great friend