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Catch the Ice Dude

Charlize Theron Speaks Afrikaans

Damn that’s hot.

Please Move The Deer Crossing

Not the brightest…

Bryson Andres

Amazing Street Musician Bryson Andres

Base Jump Stunt

Bar BREAKS During Base Jump Stunt in Norway.

Snoop & DeStorm – Pocket Like It’s Hot

Uhh…how did this happen?

Mister Romney’s Neighborhood

Guess I missed this on Jimmy Fallon the other night.

iPhone 5 Box Prank

Some pissed of people. Great prank though.

Idiot K.O.’s Himself

Way to thing this one through.

YTMND Rihanna

So which of these are you favorite?¬†¬†Surely you guys know the site I’m talking about? Saw this on e this morning and cracked me up.

Human Slingshot Slip and Slide

This looks bad ass.

Nice KO

What a good citizen, after beating his ass his pulls him to safety.