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Kate Upton Looking Sexy

She also has a video doing the Kate Upton Cat Daddy Dance.

Lady on Rascal Tries the Escalator

Blows my mind wtf did she think would happen?

Lonely LOVES Her Bacon Sundae

Bacon sundae, never thought of that one, bet it is good.  Not sure this lady needs one though.

Pilot’s View of the Craziest Flyby Ever!

Argentinean-piloted FMA IA 63 jet trainer flyby at one meter from the ground. Some info on the jet: The FMA IA 63 Pampa is an advanced trainer aircraft with combat capability, produced in Argentina by Fabrica Militar de Aviones...

Bike Thief vs Street Justice

Bike thief tried stealing a bikes,which is a bike messengers way of life,his bike and this is the result.don’t steal bikes!

Horrific Escalator Accident in Taiwan

A metro deputy stationmaster fell to his death after a long flood-backing board he was carrying became stuck on the ceiling and pierced through the escalator. The force sent him to the bottom of the escalator shaft and turned i...

Sesame Street: Share It Maybe

Damn there are some hotties that work at Sesame Street…

American Idol Auditions

Found this site today, you can watch and post up your favorite American Idol Auditions.  Check it out:

Awesome Kick KO

That was one awesome KO Kick.

Helicopter Crash

Looks like everyone survived, what a bad place to land.

Crazy Corgi Causes Explosion

What terrible pet owners, what did they think would happen?

Gabe the Bulldog

One talented dog here.

Boxing Lessons with Eric Kelly

While funny, I think this guy might actually believe the crap he is saying.

Arm Breaks During Arm Wrestling

Damn these are always hard to watch.

Ballboy Save Catcher

Nice snatch.

Comic-Con: Sexiest Female Costumes

Some of the sexiest costumes from Comic-Con.

Insane Guy Jumps Dodge Ram into Pond

This guy ramps his Dodge Ram truck into a pond.

747 Lifting in Place in Extreme Wind Conditions

This 747 is sitting in a boneyard in Mojave, CA waiting to be dismantled and recycled at the end of its useful life. On May 23rd, 2012 the area experienced extreme winds of 70+ miles per hour and reports of gusts up to 100 near...