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BlackBerry: Washed Up or Starting Fresh?

Posted April 2, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

BlackBerry smartphones reigned for a long time among professional men as their communication tool of choice, offering features that simply couldn’t be found on competing products like top-notch security, instant push email and the still popular BBM messenger.

In recent years, though, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has fallen behind the sudden competition from the Apple iPhone and the wide array of high-end Android phones, and that fall culminated yesterday with company CEO Jim Balsillie resigning from the board of directors and leaving plans for the future to new, fresh minds.

With this major move and the urgent push towards the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system, the question for the future is this: are users likely to embrace the BlackBerry again after so many years of lagging behind? Are QWERTY keyboards still necessary to professionals or have on-screen keyboards caught up sufficiently to replace them?

Whether you’re an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry user, 2013 will see you flooded with more high-end options than ever before, with nearly every phone released to the market containing the features once relegated only to BlackBerry devices. If you’re a current iPhone or Android user, will you consider switching? If you’re a current BlackBerry user, will you hang on for the ride to see where it all ends up?

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