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Close Call with Trains During Photo

Damn she almost lost her head there.

North Shore – Waimea Bay Bouldering

Not sure what’s better the video or the comments on the video. North Shore – Waimea Bay Bouldering – “The Chicken Wing” – February 19th 2011

Panoramic View of Mars

This is pretty sick it’s a panoramic view of Mars.

Horrific Escalator Accident in Taiwan

A metro deputy stationmaster fell to his death after a long flood-backing board he was carrying became stuck on the ceiling and pierced through the escalator. The force sent him to the bottom of the escalator shaft and turned i...

Car hits guy on the highway

He sure got lucky, guess he only broke a few bones, but no permanent damage.

Sinking Crane

What did they think would happen here?

Guy Saved After Falling on Subway Track

This guy gets saved after passing out and falling on to the subway track.  I wouldn’t have jumped down there, though they were high voltage?

Truck EXPLOSION at McDonald’s

At a McDonald’s in Coachella (California), a truck with propane tanks in the bed catch on fire and end with a BOOM. Luckily, everyone made it out of the truck in time. They are, however, experiencing second degree burns.

How Real Men Remove Fish Hooks

This is how real men remove fish hooks.  3 dudes and a bottle of Makers Mark.

She’s Out of Her Mind

Crazy girlfriend decorates boyfriend’s truck to let him know she’s out of her mind. It was nice of her to write this message on his truck so he can immediately hop behind the wheel and floor it across state lines, n...

Jumps Back Just in Time

Man gets hit while trying to cross the street. Jumps Back Just in Time.  He escaped with minor injuries

Stairway to Heaven

This was shot from a camera mounted on the (hard) hat of a technician. There’s this team of people who do repair work on very tall, antenna towers. The repairmen are climbing up essentially with nothing to protect them fr...

nice karate kick

It didn’t look like he was going to get enough momentum going there in the beginning.

Quantum Levitation

Magic Trick Gone Wrong

Magician accidentally cuts his assistants throat during a magic trick.

Billie Jean's jeans

This guy has to be on something…original didn’t include the music, but I think this is what he was listening to.