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PlayStation Orbis, Xbox 720 to Limit Used Games

With recent information leaks enlightening gamers to the plans of both Sony and Microsoft on their next-generation home consoles, it seems that suddenly the PlayStation Orbis and Xbox 720 (both tentative names) are looking far ...

The Most Realistic Goldeneye Mod

Goldeneye 64 in real life.

Mac Users Find Diablo III Limited by Language

Likely the most anticipated RPG game of the year, Diablo III is weaving its way closer and closer to its May 15th release date but anxious gamers around the world are finding out today that, if you own a Mac, this game may not ...

8-bit Soup: Retro Gaming Made Hilarious

While some of the younger gentlemen among us count video games like Final Fantasy VII and Tekken among their favorite retro titles, the more aged of our readers will need to look back a little further to focus their minds on th...