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Wrestling Leg Break

Ouch, you know that had to hurt.

Double Hurdle Fail

Since when do they put water after the hurdles?

Home Run. Denied.

Jason Heyward robs Raul Ibanez of a home run.  I don’t watch baseball, but saw this highlight.

Trampoline Dunk Fail

Saw this coming.  These guys never learn.

Freestyle Motocross Crash Compilation

Freestyle Motocross Crash Compilation video from the X Games.

Andrew Dickey- Black Bike

This guy is sick. Andrew Dickey riding Melbourne, Australia in early 2012.

Parenting Fail

Not sure why anyone would attempt this and without a helmet? Parent of the year.

Guy Should be Dead

This guy attempted a 100′ cliff dive at The Devils Punchbowl.  He’s lucky to be alive.

Crazy Basketball Win

  Wow this would be terrible. That’s what they get for celebrating the win too soon.

Jordy got 99 Problems

Jordy Got 99 Problems But a Breach Ain’t one.

I Got 99 Problems

Found this site today, pretty funny.  It’s Called I Got 99 Problems.   Click the image to check it out.

Skater Hit by Truck

Dancing on Crutches

This guy is talented.

Guy KO's Himself

Insane Jeopardy