Killing Productivity Seven Days A Week



cool explosion

best KO over

wait for it…

bat to face

hah, poor bastard

a normal day

I’m glad they have so much free time.

dumb skank

what did she really think was going to happen?

burnout fail

video bomb

poo cocktail supreme – Jackass 3D

I didn’t know Britney Spears almost make the cut for Jackass 3D

Crazy Fast Rapper

I like how he takes the toothpick out to get serious.

bam bam bam

He’s back with another one.  I like the older one better, you can check it out here.

Puke in Mid-flight

Ok, this would have made me lose it too.  She needed a bigger barf bag, look how quick she filled up that one.  I’ve actually never seen one of these used before.