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Dumb Photographer

The video was ok, but the commentary was cracking me up.  She must have been drunk.

Helicopter Crash

Looks like everyone survived, what a bad place to land.

Insane Guy Jumps Dodge Ram into Pond

This guy ramps his Dodge Ram truck into a pond.

747 Lifting in Place in Extreme Wind Conditions

This 747 is sitting in a boneyard in Mojave, CA waiting to be dismantled and recycled at the end of its useful life. On May 23rd, 2012 the area experienced extreme winds of 70+ miles per hour and reports of gusts up to 100 near...

Scooter Crash

Car hits guy on the highway

He sure got lucky, guess he only broke a few bones, but no permanent damage.

Audi R8 Drift Crash Hit and Run

Someone driving an Audi R8 tries drifting and nails a random car.  Why would you take off?  I’m sure someone would get your license place, plus how many people in that city drive one of those that color? Wonder how they...

Ferrari Enzo 120 Hour Detail

PLEASE PLAY ON 720p or higher video quality to avoid sound distortion!!! Topaz Detailing London – Ferrari Enzo Detail (120 hours) A few processes were done but not included in the video such as Snow foam before washing, p...

Track N Go

Now this is awesome.  Tracks you can put on your truck without taking off the tires.  Would be fun to take this out for a test drive. They said the product will be released soon, but I can’t find a website on them.


Its Karma didn’t exactly set the world on fire — in fact, some of its batteries kept the car from even moving — but that hasn’t stopped Fisker from carrying on. The Fisker Atlantic($TBA) is a new, sporty four...

Cop Chase – ATV Banshee

Cop chases a Banshee ATV.  Didn’t really have a chance.

Dickies 500 Pace Car Dropoff

2010 Camaro Pace Car for the Dickies 500 at Texas Motor Speedway delivered via CH-47 Chinook.

Tow Truck Pulled Off Cliff

Tow truck gets pulled off cliff while trying to tow a semi.  Looks like the tow truck driver bailed out just in time, the semi driver wasn’t as lucky, but I guess he only suffered bruising and some broken bones.

Triumph Street Bike Goes Offroad

This guy is nuts, he didn’t modify anything but the tires.

Lambo/Airplane Stunt

Not sure how fast they were going, but still a cool stunt.