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Base Jump Stunt

Bar BREAKS During Base Jump Stunt in Norway.

iPhone 5 Box Prank

Some pissed of people. Great prank though.

Idiot K.O.’s Himself

Way to thing this one through.

Nice KO

What a good citizen, after beating his ass his pulls him to safety.

Egyptian Parkour

Not sure what he’s saying but pretty sure he is talking smack right before he eats it.

Crazy Dodgeball Throw

Wait for it… You Will See a Ninja Move!

Amazing Baseball Catch

Incredible! You know he felt awesome walking off the field.

Dog Watching YouTube

He just can’t seem to figure out wtf is going on.

Does Your Chain Hang Low

You know you live in the ghetto when your ice cream man is bumping to “Does your chain hang low?”

Rope Swing Fail

I want to be Ed Hochuli

What a bad ass.

Adult Ravers