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Chinese Schoolgirl Arrested For Smuggling iPhones

Posted March 23, 2012 by kennyp in Advice

The efforts to which smugglers will go to get popular consumer electronics into China is highlighted in a story emerging today about a Chinese schoolgirl who was arrested earlier this month as she attempted to enter China from Hong Kong with 21 iPhones strapped to her body.


High school girls doubling as smuggling mules are all too common in China given the country’s restrictions on the devices and services allowed to be offered within its borders; presumably innocent faces help to keep border security at bay. Unfortunately for this smuggling student, her nervous demeanor and unwillingness to make eye contact with officials raised suspicions and lead to her arrest.


Officials found a full 21 iPhones on the girls body, including 19 attached to her belt and one strapped to each calf beneath her pants. The girl was apparently approached by a smuggler only moments before attempting to be make the Sha Tou Kok crossing to attend school in Shenzhen, China.


Her potential take of the proceeds? About $1.50 USD per successfully smuggled phone.

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