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Film Director James Cameron Plumbs the Ocean Depths

Posted March 26, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

Whoever said that there’s nothing new under the sun was only partially right; while the staggering 11 kilometer depth of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench is far from penetrating sunlight, it is a mostly unknown part of our planet that only two men have ever visited – until yesterday.


Well-known filmmaker James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar, The Abyss) made an historic journey to the world’s deepest point yesterday aboard a single-passenger submarine in the hopes of taking samples, photographs and hi-definition video in order to both enlighten Earthlings as to what exactly is down there and to make an educational film in conjunction with National Geographic.


Calling the mission “a heckuva ride,” Cameron’s craft took two and a half hours to reach the ocean floor before a leak of hydraulic fluid cut his trip short, causing some of the outboard mechanical devices to fail. At pressures of more than 1,000 atmospheres, the slightest malfunction in the craft’s integrity would mean instant implosion and certain death for anyone aboard.


Despite the mission having been cut short and the disappointing lack of samples, Cameron remains in good spirits and plans to make another trip as soon as possible.

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