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FOX 4 Kansas City Covers #KUBOOBS Phenomenon

Posted March 29, 2012 by kennyp in Pictures

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Needless to say, Jayhawk fans are excited about their upcoming and somewhat unexpected trip to New Orleans for the Final Four.

It’s hard to escape the swell of Jayhawk fans showing their support with their relentless and incessant Rock Chalk chant. (Notice how nicely I phrased that. I’m a Mizzou fan, you know.) They wear their bright crimson and blue and wave the wheat in your face.

In the Twitter universe, there’s a new trend bouncing around (excuse the pun…) from one social media-active KU fan to another.

Some people think it’s offensive, so if you’re sensitive to a certain word that rhymes with tubes or cubes, STOP reading now.

#KUBoobs is a saucy, catchy hashtag for little more than a bunch of closeup pictures of KU fans in their KU shirts, chests protruding. The pictures are mostly of women, but some men have joined in, too. Of course, there were a few tweeters who actually revealed more than most of us care to see, which appears to be the reason Twitter suspended the actual twitter accounts of @kuboobs and @ku_boobs. Apparently, they’re working to clear up any confusion and get at least one of them back up and running.

Click here for some of the pictures you’ll find at #KUBoobs.

So, while I’m rolling my eyes at yet another (annoying) Jayhawk fan trend, some of you might like it.

And yes, before you say it, I do wish there had been reason for #MUBoobs.



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