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George Clooney Arrested

Posted March 19, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

George Clooney and his father Nick were arrested on the steps of the Sudan Embassy in Washington, D.C. on Friday as the men joined protesters working to convince American officials to provide aid to Sudan in the face of a growing food and clean water crisis; $100 and one hour later, both were released.

Sudanese politics and the ongoing guerrilla war taking place in the African country have brought unending hardship to the country’s citizens; a new effort by warring factions in Sudan to restrict food, clean water and other necessities of life to the men, women and children of the region threatens to see millions die over the coming weeks if efforts are not made abroad to rectify the problem.

Given the wide array of silly causes celebrities take up (think Tom Cruise’s Scientology or Lindsay Lohan’s girly parts), Clooney should be applauded for taking up a cause that matters to everyday people. George Clooney may not be able to effect change in Sudan himself but he can certainly use that handsome face of his to bring attention to the plight of the region. After all, how many of you were aware of the Sudanese situation before his arrest?

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