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Get Drunk and Stay Fit: 4 Healthy(ish) Beers

Posted March 23, 2012 by kennyp in Alcohol

Tired of feeling guilty about potentially negative health effects each time you indulge in a cold one? Here are four beers that stand above the rest as far as healthiness is concerned:


1. De Koninck


A pale ale brewed in Belgium, De Konnick offers a full 5% of alcohol content with a smoky flavor and 25% less calories then its average competitors.


2. Post Road Pumpkin Ale


Boasting a wheat base and offering a surprising number of nutrients, Post Road Pumpkin Ale is an American brew with a taste like Christmas, combining nutmeg and cinnamon to create a smooth, buttery flavor that belies its healthy status.


3. Bellhaven Scottish Ale


Those looking for a deeper, more rich taste in their beer should consider Bellhaven Scottish Ale, a beautiful looking brew that features a caramel nutty taste over a light base. It does suffer from a slightly lower alcohol content, but that’s nothing that can’t be solved by downing one extra bottle!


4. Miller 64


A newcomer to the ever-growing market for light beers, Miller 64 takes things to a new level with a brew that contains only 64 calories per bottle – that’s about half of the amount found in the typical light beer!

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