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iPhone 5 Rumors to Tide You Over

Posted March 19, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

If you’re an Apple fanboy, the recent release of the new iPad may very well be leaving you with feelings of emptiness and forlornness; with no new toy to look forward to, what’s to keep you getting up every morning? Eight month release cycle aside, Apple does have one more product up its sleeve that is likely to see a 2012 release: the tentatively-named iPhone 5.

While no official details have made their way onto the interwebs yet, speculation abounds on what the next iteration of Apple’s famous smartphone will include as far as upgrades and new features are concerned. Keeping up with these rumors and, let’s call them what they often are, straight up lies, can be a difficult task but there are sources that aim to condense the rampant gossip into a fun and readable format.

Whether you’re worrying about possible release dates, the people you’re most likely to meet while waiting in line in front of your local Apple Store on release day or the slew of possible upgrades, these infographics have you covered:

Any bets that Apple decides to simply call this next-generation smartphone “iPhone?” Oh, the confusion.

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