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PlayStation Orbis, Xbox 720 to Limit Used Games

Posted April 2, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

With recent information leaks enlightening gamers to the plans of both Sony and Microsoft on their next-generation home consoles, it seems that suddenly the PlayStation Orbis and Xbox 720 (both tentative names) are looking far less attractive than only a week ago.

While the hardware specifications for both machines promise high-end graphics, 3D gaming and a wide array of other exciting features, plans to limit games via content restrictions have the worldwide gaming community in an uproar.

The biggest planned change, according to unnamed but apparently reliable sources, is new limitations on purchased games for the systems. The new systems would tie every purchased Orbis or 720 game to a single online account, allowing it to be played on one console only. In an apparent effort to appease used game chains like GameStop, the companies both plan to allow games to be resold but with heavy restrictions that will force the new owner to pay a fee to open all aspects of the game.

Combined with news that neither system will feature backwards compatibility with its predecessors, the excitement level of gamers and hopes that the Orbis and 720 would make an appearance that this year’s E3 event are greatly diminishing.

Despite all of this apparent bad news, don’t get your knickers in a knot yet; official news isn’t expected about either device for months yet and absolutely everything is potentially subject to change!

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