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Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook – Standard Review

Posted January 29, 2019 by kennyp in Humor

Overall Rating (out of 5):

If you take notes or like to write things down, but do not need to keep the info forever, it is truly a great product. It’s a nice notebook and a nice idea but not as great as it sounds. It is a great idea, i used it as instructed and the notebook caught on fire in the microwave. The pen is surprisingly smooth for an erasable pen, and the paper is easy to write on. The notebook is good, but my notebook was shipped outside of its wrapper and was laying in the box.

Product Advantages:

  • There must have been a bit of moisture on the mug because a nice water circle stain is now in the center of the booklet.
  • He said it will bring my paperwork down to a minimum and this is true.
  • This is one of those items that you see somewhere and you realize you think it is either amazing or stupid.

Product Disadvantages:

  • The ink did clear, however the previous writing was visible due to the indentations on the paper.

In summary, we believe that you should acquire this product. The advantages are greater than the disadvantages of Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook – Standard. It is clear to us that the smart move is to get Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook – Standard. To find this product, click on the great link below!

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