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Roku Streaming Stick | Portable, Power-Packed??Streaming Device??with Product Review 2019

Posted February 1, 2019 by kennyp in Humor

Overall Rating (out of 5):

You set up a Roku account, add what channels you want, link your stick to the account with an access code, and that is it. Then there are the offerings, more than enough apps to add to satisfy most any viewer, young and old and most anything in between. It does have an ad here and there, but it has a simple and easy to navigate layout. Setup was super simple and it controls the power and volume of our tv so a definite bonus. An easy setup, a better remote, no buffering, a much better onscreen interface and access to all of my channels makes this new Roku Stick a winner in my book.

Product Advantages:

  • The remote is a slightly different shape, but it still feels very comfortable in your hand.
  • It also cuts out having to use a phone app and making sure you actually have your phone on you and/or that your phone is charged.
  • It is a little slow to load some of the apps compared to the fire stick, but aside from that, it is a really thought out and great product.

Product Disadvantages:

  • Sometimes you have to use the app to restart the system multiple times until it finds it.

Based on what we have written above, we think that you should purchase this product. The advantages more than compensate for the disadvantages of Roku Streaming Stick | Portable, Power-Packed??Streaming Device??with. We believe that you will not regret purchasing a product such as Roku Streaming Stick | Portable, Power-Packed??Streaming Device??with. To get this product, explore the exciting offer below!

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