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Steve Jobs: Why the Turtleneck is Cool

Posted March 20, 2012 by kennyp in Articles

Loathed by many but catching on more and more each day, the turtleneck has ranged between hip and stylish to effeminate and to be avoided for many years, but one man’s sense of style is finally beginning to wear off on the masses.

Where the turtleneck long represented an option for men only while skiiing, winter hiking or bundling up while home alone on a cold day, the extreme popularity of Apple founder Steve Jobs, especially following his death, has seen his favorite garment shoot to super stardom in the world of men’s style. From the naming of October 14th as Black Turtleneck Day to a sudden resurgence in turtleneck manufacturing among popular makers of clothing for men, it seems to have suddenly become ultra-cool to sport a shirt that hides your Adam’s apple.

In the interest of understanding this new trend, it would be helpful to focus on all of the different ways that Steve Jobs rocked his turtlenecks over the years; on that note, we introduce the evolution of the style of Steve Jobs:

iWant One.

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