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Egyptian Parkour

Not sure what he’s saying but pretty sure he is talking smack right before he eats it.

Rope Swing Fail

Lady on Rascal Tries the Escalator

Blows my mind wtf did she think would happen?

Bungee Jump Fail

Guess it’s better he hit the water rather than cement.

Flip Fail

Saw that coming. ¬†Wonder if it’s real?

Suitcase Launch Fail

These kids clearly know it’s a bad idea to put their friend in a suitcase and pull it with a truck over a ramp. But, the crying at the end is when they finally realize it..

Trampoline Dunk Fail

Saw this coming.  These guys never learn.

major stunt fail

that hurt

motorcycle stunts

yup saw that coming

huge bike jump

burnout fail

the biggest loser

streaker fail

its the scatman

parkour fail


dive fail